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History of Ring The Bull

 Legend has it the game was brought back to England by Crusaders from Jerusalem. This story appears to have come about primarily from the game being played in the most famous and oldest pub in England "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem" situated in the cliffs underneath Nottingham Castle. This pub is an old crusaders tavern dating back to the year 1189 AD. 

 A similar but simpler ring game with just a hook and ring called Bimini is also played in and around the Florida Key's, Bahamas and the island of Bimini where various theories for its origin are told. Some say it was introduced by pirates! I say it was Ernest Hemingway who brought the game to the Islands on one of his many fishing trips after playing the game in the Ye Olde Pub! No matter, fact is it all started in England several hundred years prior in a pub with a bull ring tied to a string from the ceiling and a hook in the nose of a mounted animal, known today as Ring The Bull®

Ring The Bull Game

The gist of the game is very simple, consisting of a fire-branded bull's head logo on a 9" x 7" stained wood game board with a steel hook in the bull's nose attached to the wall. A string attached to the ceiling with a swivel hook on top and a suspended solid steel 2" bull ring tied on the bottom. The thrower takes the bull ring in hand stepping back enough to make the string taut and releases it with just enough sufficient force to reach the hook by letting loose of the ring in a slight clockwise or counter-clockwise motion so that it is caught on the hook in the bull's nose. Once achieved you ultimately score and Ring The Bull® 

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Ring The Bull® comes with:

  • 9x7" wood bull board
  • 2" Solid steel ring
  • Steel hook
  • String with swivel & ceiling hook
  • Rules
  • Mounting instructions
  • Made in the USA by USMC Veteran
  • Great Unique Gift Idea for anyone on your list

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Ring The Bull® "The New Ye Olde Pub Game" and the Ring and Hook game everyone is copying! If you want fun for all at your next party, cookout or swim, please give my original Ring The Bull® a try! Ring The Bull also looks great in the family room and is a great unique gift idea for anyone on your list!

A note from Ronjo

" I played a game very similar to Ring The Bull while serving in Europe in the USMC. The only difference is the game I played used a real bull's head!  I also played another similar game called Bimini down in the Key's and thought what's up with just a hook, piece of string and a steel ring? Anyway, I loved the game so much I decided to trademark, copyright, produce, sell and promote my game Ring The Bull in the USA so others could enjoy it, but more importantly to supplement my retirement income of course! Thank you for considering my fun new game."

Semper Fi,                                                                                           


Rules of Ring The Bull

Rules of this game vary from pub to pub, party to party. Here are some basic rules for you to get started, then you can develop your own "home rules."

  • Each player (2 or more) gets three throws per round. First to last player is one round.
  • A single hit or "Tinger" means the ring hit the hook once but did not hook. Worth 1 (one point).
  • When the ring is hooked it is a "Ringer" and is worth 3 (three points).
  • First player to predetermined number, or 21 "wins."

Each player will have the same amount of throws regardless of who goes first. Each round must be completed. In case of a tie, those players throw until one player wins a tie-breaker round.